BAR / LAR Optimization


BAR Optimization and Lowest Acceptable Rate (BAR/LAR)

BAR Optimization and Lowest Acceptable Rate

MaximRMS has expanded the dynamic pricing capabilities of e.FLEX to optimize the BAR Rates and, for hotels that allow negotiations, to set a Lowest Acceptable Rate floor.

As with other aspects of the RMS, the BAR/LAR recommendations include full review and override capabilities. For each date in the horizon, the BAR/LAR report shows:

  • Unconstrained Roomnights and Occupancy %
  • Rooms sold On-The-Books (OTB)
  • Whether the date is a special event
  • Optimal BAR rate by LOS, with overrides shown in Red
  • Lowest Acceptable Rate (LAR) by LOS, when the hotel allows such negotiating room

Rather than relying on Front Desk or Call Center employees best efforts and best judgment, the BAR/LAR sets daily limits to the negotiations, reducing waste, encouraging strong selling skills, and increasing the overall profitability of the hotel.

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