No other solution has our patented, proven Marginal Value Engine (MVE™) technology. Powered by this unique algorithm, e.FLEX accurately forecasts total customer spend patterns and purchase behavior by micro-segment.

No other revenue management system takes every transaction detail (e.g., reservation, change, cancellation, no-show, check-in and check-out) and produces detailed forecasts and pricing and availability recommendations at the most granular level (e.g., for every combination of rate, room type, distribution channel, arrival date and length of stay.)

Customer price-sensitivity, competitive prices, reputation data, and distribution channel profitability are automatically incorporated into our decision algorithms. The detailed forecast and availability recommendations are summarized and presented through dashboards and graphical decision-support tools.
E.FLEX is a powerful tool that enables you to achieve the greatest revenue and profitability benefits in the least amount of time. Our customers start to see the improvement on their bottom line immediately after implementation, and the payback period can be as little as four weeks. As the most successful revenue management software solution available, e.FLEX’s powerful features easily complement your strategic business practices.

THE RESULT – You get the highest profit producing revenue management pricing and controls available anywhere today. E.FLEX takes the guesswork out of dynamic pricing, saves you time and increases your revenues and profits.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Our e.FLEX revenue management system can be tailored to your exact needs, from simple to the complex, e.g., from limited service properties up to multi-brand international organizations. All powered by the superior MVE™ engine that produces the highest revenue and profit gains. Most larger clients rely on MaximRMS to customize and enhance the RMS to their exact specifications, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Pricing & Controls

Hotels may choose to only optimize dynamic BAR rates, or also take advantage of the extra profit-producing availability controls and optimal overbooking levels. Optimal length-of-stay controls have been proven to generate an extra 2-5% additional revenue more than dynamic pricing alone. Optimal overbooking assures that rooms are not left empty when the hotel should be sold-out.

Data Streams

Only reservations data are required, but e.FLEX also analyzes other data streams when available, including:

  • Rate shop data
  • Forward demand data
  • Sales and catering system data
  • Reputation data
  • STAR reports
  • CRM data

Group RM

MaximRMS has led the industry with comprehensive group revenue management capabilities:

  • Tracking and alerts of groups from tentative through departure
  • Detailed forecasting by group segments
  • Sophisticated group evaluation comparing net profit contribution
  • Optimal pricing and availability for groups by property and date

Contract RM

Similarly, hotels with long-term negotiated contracts can track, evaluate and optimize their contract business.

Budgeting & Planning

Rather than exporting forecasts from the RMS, many companies complete their budgeting and planning using the sophisticated tools available within e.FLEX.

Reports & Graphs

More than 100 optional reports and graphs are available to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated Revenue Manager. Individual users can select which screens they want to view, and schedule reports for automatic distribution to email lists.


Customizable to allow any combination of central, cluster and/or regional control of revenue management strategies. Auto-pilot option enables the system to selectively send recommendations with no user intervention.

Leveraging MaximRMS Technology

MaximRMS can leverage our RMS technology to enhance your revenue management solution, upgrade your forecasting and optimization, sell your own custom RMS, or work with you to develop and sell innovative new products.

MaximRMS has worked to bring the revenue management and dynamic pricing principles to a dozen different industries. MaximRMS has been able to quickly adapt and integrate state-of-the-art RMS technology to a wide variety of industries.

  • Scale. With over 3,000 clients around the world over 25 years, Maxim delivers proven predictive analytics technology.
  • Speed. Rapid prototyping and agile development deliver custom-tailored solutions to your exact requirements quickly and reliably.
  • Bleeding Edge. Extreme depth of Maxim’s technical and mathematical expertise has led innovations in the revenue management industry for 30 years.

Get your free expert consultation with experienced revenue managers who understand the challenges in today’s environment and can evaluate and guide you along your revenue management journey.

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