Company Background

Revenue Management Pioneers

Since 1989, MaximRMS is committed to the highest quality of excellence in yield management and revenue management products and services. This is achieved through superior quality revenue management technology and world-class customer service, training and support. Read More

History of RM

Yield & Revenue Management

Revenue management, originally known as yield management, began in the 1980’s after deregulation of airline fares, and quickly spread to rental cars, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, multi-modal freight, ecommerce and a hundred other industries. Read More

Company Leadership

Revenue Management Experts

Senior MaximRMS staff have been the leaders across the revenue management industry since its inception, and continue as the thought leaders to drive innovations in revenue management, predictive analytics, machine learning, processes and technology development around the world. Read More

About MaximRMS

MaximRMS provides the easiest to use and most effective suite of patented revenue maximization and forecasting systems available to the worldwide travel and hospitality industry.

With over 3,000 users worldwide, the company’s RMS technology is powered by patented mathematical algorithms that evolved from the most successful profit maximization technology underpinning the travel and transportation industry for three decades.

The newest version of e.FLEX has the unique ability to dynamically respond to emerging travel trends such as online reputation and price-sensitive distribution channels.

Large-scale rapid deployment – for example, to over 65,000 rooms in 13 weeks – maximizes ROI and produces a payback measured in weeks. In addition, e.FLEX has a significantly lower total cost of ownership than similar systems while enabling operators to outpace their competitive sets on average over 25%.

Our hotel clients include hotel chains and organizations with properties of every size, type and business mix, ranging from over 5,000 rooms to less than 60.

With e.FLEX, customers:

  • Improve RevPAR during its first night of use
  • Speed response to competitive actions and changes in consumer behavior
  • Increase decision-making efficiency
  • Improve profitability across all brands.

Revenue Management History

The MaximRMS people have been at the forefront of yield/revenue management technologies and big data predictive analytics and machine learning.
Key staff were critical in designing and building the very first yield management system, and have designed, developed and deployed large-scale custom revenue management systems for first-adopters and followers in many industries.

In the early 1980’s, with the deregulation of the airline industry and pricing controls lifted, major airline companies conducted massive research in mathematical forecasting and optimization to maximize revenues. During this period, key MaximRMS staff developed the first automated revenue management system.

The immediate benefits were staggering! United Airlines claimed “over $100 million per year in additional profits”, American Airlines attributed “over $500 million per year in additional revenues”, while People Express lamented “our competitors used Yield Management and pushed us into bankruptcy.”

The knowledge gained and the success shown soon spread to the car rental industry in the late 1980’s and ultimately across the hospitality industry and beyond in the 1990’s.

The same group of experts that performed extensive revenue management research in the 1980’s joined forces to create MaximRMS. As a worldwide leader in revenue management, MaximRMS has assembled a team of the top mathematicians and software experts. The MaximRMS continues to develop new and innovative revenue management and profit optimization features and applications.

MaximRMS is committed to the highest quality of excellence in products and services to our clients through a superior quality software product and providing world-class customer service, training and support.

Company Leadership

Steven Gelb

Founder and CEO

As a pioneer in automated revenue management for the airline, rental car and hotel industries, Steven directed the development of the first automated RMS for United Airlines. He initiated the acceptance of revenue management technology in major travel industry companies in partnership with Talus Solutions, formerly DFI-Aeronomics (now a division of JDA Software.)

Henry Feinberg

Executive Chairman

Having assumed responsibilities in 1999, Henry was a partner at Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV) – largest technology focused venture capital firm with over $13 billion under management, the Chairman and CEO of Rand McNally, and before that the General Manager International Division of United Airlines GDS – Galileo/COVIA (now a subsidiary of TravelPort, formerly Cendant.)

John Matthews, PhD

Chief Architect and CTO

An authority on software architecture and engineering, John holds a Masters in Computer Science from Texas A&M and a Doctorate in Computer Science from the University of California Davis. As an expert in developing software that contains complex mathematical algorithms, John previously held positions as Director of OSS research at Aerie Networks, CTO at MCGI, and Chief Software Architect for RedMeteor.

Don Wilson


With over 30 years pricing, revenue management, and decision-support systems experience, Don has been the co-founder and leader of a number of prominent consulting and software companies, including Talus, MCGI, Veritec, Decision Focus and now MaximRMS. Don is the author of numerous publications and has been invited to speak on revenue management throughout the world.

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